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JazmynHOME2 Comments

It’s been a year since we signed on the dotted line and purchased our first home! It was a huge moment for us, after many months of saving and weeks of searching. We fell in love with this home before we purchased it and have grown to love it even more. It’s definitely been a learning experience - from technical failures to surprise bills - but it’s been rewarding and I wouldn’t change a thing!  


  • It feels great to be investing in a property instead of paying rent. There’s nothing wrong with renting and it’s definitely right for some people, but homeownership in Atlanta is pretty attainable and we feel it’s right for us!
  • You can change your home and customize it to your liking! We haven’t done much of that yet, but plan to in the future.
  • You become part of a community and become more invested (pun intended) in the neighborhood. Our neighborhood has seen a lot of growth over the last year and has a lot more projected growth which is exciting and something we wouldn’t be as concerned with if we were renting.  
  • It’s been amazing to be able to host our friends and family over the past few months! Knowing that we can offer people a place to stay is a great feeling.


  • There are lots of hidden expenses and costs associated with homeownership. If something breaks, chances are you’ll have to pay to get it fixed or fix it yourself! More space means more bills.
  • The larger home you buy, the more cleaning you have to do. It doesn’t matter if you never go in the room - it will still collect dust and need to be cleaned regularly! Sometimes I feel like getting a smaller place, just so there will be less cleaning for us to do!
  • It’s more permanent. We’re young and have a combined 7 cross-country moves over the last four years. Owning a home (along with having a good job and a spouse with a good job) has forced us to stay put and makes it harder to think about any more moving in the near future.

All in all, homeownership has been extremely rewarding! We went from being in a cross-country long distance relationship to buying our first home together within three months, and after so many years of distance, it feels so great to finally have a space we call home, together.