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Being the Pinterest addict that I am, we decided to make a table over our 5-day Labor Day Weekend staycation. We found this fun project on Desert Domicile and were enticed by the $18 price tag. [Spoiler: it cost us much more than $18].

We headed over to Home Depot to pick up the materials and ended up spending about $100 on everything, because we didn’t have any of the stuff to start with that Caitlin already had, like the stain, and the paintbrushes, etc.! So, in reality we ended up spending more than if we were to have gone to the store and buy something similar, but we had a really fun time making it and the satisfaction of creating something that came out so well was well worth it!

We modified the table legs slightly to make it look more modern and added *MARBLE CONTACT PAPER* to give it an upscale look and to go with our marble motif. We are so satisfied with how it came out!

Head over to Desert Domicile for the instructions and let us know how you customize yours!

**Pro Tip** Make sure you shake up the stain before opening it! We got the stain/poly mix and all the darker pigments settled to the bottom. We ended up staining it a bunch of times before realizing why it wasn’t darkening how we expected. Once we figured it out, we only needed one coat!