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Last weekend, we completed our last trip to California for the year. We were in California for the wedding of our dear friends, Carissa and Josh. We arrived at SFO and rented a car, as always, to get around. When we arrived at Enterprise, I jokingly asked for a Ford F150 instead of the economy car we reserved. We stumbled upon a beautiful Dodge Challenger, and once I saw the look in Marquette’s eyes and how his face lit up, I knew we had to get it. Normally, these are the types of things we don’t spend money on because little expenses like an upgrade add up and skipping these upgrades is what enables us to do more. But this day was different. The sales associate informed us it was only $10 more per day, so we thought what the heck, let’s do it!

The car was so much fun. The wedding was located in Salinas (about 1.5 hours south of Hayward, where I’m from), so we decided to leave early on Saturday morning to head down and take the scenic route down California’s famous  Scenic Highway 1.


We drove over to Half Moon Bay and headed down the 1 from there. In true Bay Area fashion, the weather was a bit gloomy and overcast, however that didn’t take away from the beauty of the California coast. As Marquette put it, it felt like the true American Dream, driving down the coast in our sports car. It was a truly fun experience. Next year, I would love to do a road trip from one end of California to the other!

Here’s hoping!