Guys! I have some exciting news.. I've been waiting so long to tell you!


Let me explain further. We will be moving to London in September for schooling. Marquette and I both have been accepted to Master's programs at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He will be completing his Master of Science in Public Health and I will be completing my Master of Science in Medical Parasitology (the study of parasites that impact human health). This is a huge step for our careers (a bit of a pivot for me) and also a huge step for the both of us, personally.

We've been talking about moving abroad for years, about five to be exact. In fact, that's sort of what my original intention was for this blog.

We talked seriously about moving to Germany and looked into graduate programs there (free ones!) but we couldn't find programs at the same schools/in the same towns that were taught in English and were in the areas we want to study.

We've also discussed India, where I lived previously, but now isn’t the right time.

We looked into online programs - I was even accepted into one at LSHTM - but decided those weren't the right fit for us. 

After much contemplation, we decided on London. Our school, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, is very well-respected in our field, and the in-person programs are different from the online ones, so once we were both accepted, we knew we had to make it work. 

We've talked about it at length for so long, and feel that now is the time to do it. It's one of those things where if we didn't make it happen, we'd wonder our whole lives what would have happened had we done it. And who wants to live with regret? Who wants to spend their lives wondering, what if...?

Who wants to spend their lives wondering, what if...? 

So, we're going!

We found out last June that I was accepted, and Marquette received his acceptance last September. We briefly considered picking up and moving last year, but decided that it would be best to defer for a year because we needed more time to plan for a move abroad and figure out the logistics associated with our house, car, and babygirl Peach. We also weren’t ready to leave our jobs, and needed to save money.

It’s been such a long road. It’s been mentally and emotionally taxing, and we haven’t even gotten there yet. Leaving behind a home (we’re renting it out not selling, but it still won’t be the same when we come back to it), our fantastic jobs, a city we love, our country (lukewarm feelings about ‘Murica if we’re being honest lol but we will be so much further from family), and our general sense of security has been scary. I know it will be rewarding in the long run, but over the last year as we considered all the options, I periodically found myself questioning if this is even worth it. 

In a sense, it’s like this was meant to be. As a high school student, I wanted to help the world’s poorest through health, as a career. As a college student when I wanted to become a doctor, I always said I wanted to study medicine at King’s College London. In graduate school, one of my favorite professors completed her PhD at LSHTM, and that’s how I learned about The School. It feels like things have truly come full circle.

I’m excited to share our journey with you all! In the next few months, I will talk more about what the process has been like for us and perhaps go into some detail about logistics involved in moving abroad.

Cheerio, for now!