After our glorious time in Verbier, we headed back to Milan for two more fun-filled days.

That evening when we arrived, we checked into our hotel, returned our rental car, and hustled over to the other side of town for an Italian cooking class. The food was SO good. I absolutely love cooking classes because we always meet cool people. We enjoyed our classmates so much that we all went out for drinks near the Duomo and ended up calling it a night in the wee hours of the morning.

On our final day in Italy, we explored the Duomo rooftop, did a little shopping, and ate a lot, of course. There were so many things we wanted to do, but (in case you haven't noticed) we're constantly on the go during our vacations and we decided we just wanted to relax and take it slow. So we skipped many of the museums and cathedrals and really just relaxed on the last day of our vacation. We will definitely be back to Milan, and hopefully then we can see The Last Supper, the other cathedrals, and more of Da Vinci's work.

On Saturday morning, we headed back to the US of A bright and early. We usually try to max out our vacation and get back late Sunday, but I must say it was nice to have a full day to recover and get our lives in order before heading back to work.