This year, for my birthday, we went to Paris.

This was another one of those trips that we booked when there was a flight deal last year and it took so long for the trip to come that it was somewhat anticlimactic, to be honest. 

We had a red eye flight and we were delayed ~5 hours. For a while, I didn't believe that we would actually get there, and believe it or not, I was fine with just getting our money back.

Well, the flight did eventually take off early in the morning, and in retrospect, I am very glad it did. Paris exceeded our expectations and even though we were there just a few days, we fell in love with the city and can't wait to get back. We expected an expensive city with rude people and a language barrier, what we got was an absolutely beautiful city transitioning from summer to fall with friendly English-speaking people (though our baby French helped!) who were quite outgoing and curious about us. And it wasn't too expensive. 

We arrived on Friday early in the evening (we were supposed to arrive mid-afternoon), which altered our itinerary a little bit. We were exhausted from the long travel night/day and decided to have a late dinner (in true Parisian fashion) at Il était une oie dans le Sud-Ouest (try saying that five times fast), which was right down the street from our hotel, XO Hotel Paris. This dinner - it was magnifique! We started with duck egg rolls, which were, omg, so good. I was tempted to have those as my entree! I had the steak and frites with foie gras sauce, and Marquette had a giant salad that came with a crispy duck leg, grilled duck breast, foie gras, potatoes, and more. We ended with the bread pudding which was probably one of the best desserts I've ever had, and finished off a nice bottle of red wine.


We fought the temptation to pressure ourselves to be busy and go out, and instead took our time and savored our dinner, because that's what vacation is all about, am I right? Stay tuned for Paris day two, which I will be posting tomorrow!