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While vacationing in the Bay Area, we planned to visit Monterey and drive down the coast to Big Sur. It’s something I’ve always seen photos of but never done. We planned to take the journey on the last day of our vacation, but it ended up being a very gray, rainy day - go figure. Visibility would’ve been terrible and we mainly wanted to do sightseeing, so we decided to nix those plans in favor of visiting family in San Francisco and hanging out at the famous Fisherman’s Wharf, where you can get some of the freshest seafood in the Bay Area!

At the wharf, they have lots of different seafood stands and a few restaurants. Many of the restaurants validate parking (1-3 hours, I believe), so we parked in a lot directly across from the stands and in front of the Boudin bread factory, which we had visited on a previous trip. The food at Boudin is pretty good, and they make loaves of their famed sourdough bread in many different shapes - if you haven’t been there, I recommend checking it out, if for nothing else than to see the artisan loaves.

We walked around and viewed all the different stands, and decided to head into a restaurant to escape the chill. We both ordered the same thing: a cheap lunch special which consisted of a bowl of chunky clam chowder and a cold crab sandwich. Throughout our vacation, I had SO much seafood, and after this meal, my crab fix was finally satisfied. I look forward to going back and enjoying more fresh, cheap seafood on our next trip!