On our long journey to Santorini, we stopped in Miami. We’d both visited in college on spring break before (this was my 4th time there, now that I think about it!), so we knew what to expect. South Beach is just a short 20-minute drive from the airport, so we stored our carry-on baggage at the luggage store (this is seriously such a clutch option and helped us throughout the trip - many airports have them and some train stations as well), and hopped in an Uber to the beach.

The weather was beautiful but for some reason 84 degrees felt a little cold! Anyways, we grabbed some lunch at CJ’s crab shack on Ocean Drive for convenience, had a HUGE drink at another restaurant, then crossed the street to the beach. We spent a few hours laying out on the beach and then caught another Uber back to the airport and picked up our carry-on luggage, with plenty of time to spare for our flight. Throughout the trip we had many flights (8 total!) so we were overly cautious with making sure we had lots of time to check in, etc, because missing a flight would’ve been a disaster with trying all the connections.

Miami is really beautiful and so underrated to me. The beaches are stunning and to me are comparable to many exotic locations (not sure about snorkeling/diving though). It’s a short trip from Atlanta and plane tickets are super reasonable. Miami is also cool because it has world class restaurants, great shopping, nightlife, and swamps which are so interesting! If you go to Miami you should absolutely do an Everglades tour.  

We felt a little nostalgic as Miami reminded us of our college days. We realized that we were in the same exact places that we had taken photos before, so we remade two photos that we took when we were there our senior year, FIVE years ago when we were little babies and had just started dating. A LOT of students travel to Miami from Atlanta on spring break, and when we went this time it was pretty much empty, so that was different (and nice!). I hope sometime in the future we can spend more time there and get to experience Miami as adults! Next stop: London!