We arrived in Paris much later than planned due to the issues getting out of Santorini. Honestly, we were bummed, but we were just happy to make it there on the LAST flight offered by our airline from Athens to Paris. The next available flight wasn't early enough and would've made us miss our connection from Paris back to the US. It was also on a different plane ticket than the one we were delayed on so we would've paid an arm and a leg to rebook.

We arrived in Paris around 9:30pm and made it to our hotel just before midnight. It took us a while to get our luggage and we opted to take the train from the airport to save money. We had hoped to explore the city for a few hours and see the sights but that would no longer be possible. Luckily, for us, our taxi driver from the train station to our hotel took us on a scenic route and we were able to drive past some of the places we were hoping to travel to on foot.

We checked into our stunning hotel, Le Cinq Codet, and decided to skip the restaurant we had originally made reservations for, as it was a little further away and obviously very late in the night. The concierge recommended Le Cafรฉ de l'Esplanade, which was just a short walk away. 

We had a pricey, yet delicious dinner, including duck breast, steak, salad, cocktails, and of course escargot. It was fantastic and we really enjoyed the candlelit ambiance. 

We sleepily trudged back to the hotel to get some rest. The next morning, we had a mini photo session with the Flytographer that we previously arranged (back when we thought we'd have more time to see Paris). We would've foregone the photo session in favor of visiting Parisian landmarks, but we had prepaid and they required more advance notice in order to receive a refund. We ended up loving the pictures and even have a few displayed in our home, so it was worth it.

Our time in Paris was short but very sweet! Everyone says the French are rude and maybe it's only because we weren't there long, but we experienced nothing but absolute kindness during our quick visit. I hope to take a trip back very soon - when it's warmer - and spend an extended amount of time there.