This update has been a long time coming. For my birthday, we went to Barcelona for the weekend. We had come across a pretty good flight deal earlier in the year. We left Wednesday and arrived Thursday morning with quite a few layovers. That’s probably my last time booking flights on two separate itineraries, it was too much to deal with and we ended up getting stuck in Newark overnight on the way back, which wasn’t terrible but still a bummer.

We only had a few days in Barcelona and didn’t want to overdo it, so we scheduled a few things and saw the sights pretty much the rest of the time. It was short, but still enough time for us to enjoy it. I would love to do more weekend trips like that, especially if we were able to get direct flights from Atlanta. Barcelona is an incredible city and seemed so relaxed, so we just wandered about, eating as much as possible, and taking in the beautiful historic Spanish architecture.

On Thursday, it was rainy, so we explored, ate, and drank. After dinner, we went out to a little bar recommended to us, called Espit Chupitos, where they lit Marquette’s thumb on fire and we drank flaming shots.

On Friday we had beautiful weather and did more exploring and a little shopping. Spaniards are super fashionable - it is the home of Zara after all - so we stumbled into little shops on La Rambla and the surrounding areas. We took a cooking class Friday evening, and then went out to a club.

On Saturday, we woke up and walked around a bit more and then went to see a Barca game. FCB - futbol club Barcelona - is one of the most (if not THE most) popular soccer teams and has the second largest soccer stadium in the world. The slogan is “mes que un club” which translates to “more than a club” - it’s really serious. It is a complete cult and we were so lucky to be able to experience a game in the hallowed grounds of Camp Nou, surrounded by 100,000 other soccer fans. It was so much fun and not too expensive - an absolute MUST if you are lucky enough to have a match scheduled while you’re visiting. After the game we went back to the hotel, and caught the glorious wine and cheese happy hour, which is 8-9pm everyday. We had a really interesting long conversation with a Swedish couple, then headed to dinner at a restaurant they recommended. We left rather early on Sunday to head back to the States.

Even though it was a short trip, we were absolutely enchanted by the city.