Over labor day weekend, we took our first couples trip to Ibiza, Spain.

We bought these plane tickets in November when there was a crazy sale going on and got them from ATL to Ibiza for about $400 per person roundtrip. We've bought more expensive tickets to California, and that route averages about $1300 per person roundtrip, so we were excited about the opportunity to visit Ibiza for such a cheap price, and ended up finding a few family members who wanted to come with us! We traveled with Marquette's cousins and their partners for a quick but fun trip.

After our long layover in London and several delays, we landed in Ibiza early in the morning. We didn't have a ton planned for day 1, so we slept in just late enough to squeeze into our hotel's breakfast, some people napped, and later we headed out to explore the island.

We walked from Platja D'en Bossa to Ibiza Old Town, and had a leisurely lunch at the marina while observing the mega yachts and hoping for a celebrity sighting. After lunch and lots of sangria, we walked up to Dalt Villa to see the nice view of the island from the top. We hung out there for a while and then headed back to the hotel. Later that night, Marquette and I attempted to go to Privilege Night Club but were having credit card issues and the music sounded lame while we were outside trying to figure that out, so we ended up at Murphy's, a little dive bar in Platja D'en Bossa with cheap drinks and a fun dance floor.


On day 2 at the request for a nice beach, we decided to make a reservation for Cala Bassa Beach Club on the west side of the island, and headed over there for a fun morning. We drank lots of champagne, cava, and sangria and relaxed on the (crowded) beach admiring the emerald waters. We had lunch at the restaurant - Marquette and I had a fabulous squid ink paella while others ordered sushi and pasta - and then headed to San Antonio port for a boat ride we had arranged ahead of time. When leaving CBBC, make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to catch a taxi, as half of the group had a lot of trouble getting a taxi, and we ended up starting our boat ride about 30 minutes late. 



We made our reservations for our boat ride with Ibiza Boat Hire about 3 or 4 weeks in advance. After much discussion we decided on the Comanche boat for a sunset ride. We thoroughly enjoyed this and I highly recommend doing a cruise, even if it's just for a few hours like we did. Our skipper was fantastic - so much fun - and kept the drinks flowing. This was probably one of the most fun parts of our trip!

On day 3, Marquette and I popped over to Passion Cafe for a delicious breakfast. I was feeling a little hungover so I had a juice while he had an amazing salmon plate, then I later had a yogurt parfait once I started feeling better. After breakfast, we walked around a little as we couldn't find a taxi, and ended up stumbling upon a beach which we hung out at for a brief time.

As a group, we spent most of the day at Ocean Beach Club, as I had reserved a table for us a week or two before. We really enjoyed OCB, though the music was not everyone's favorite (most places we went to in Ibiza played EDM, which we enjoy, but it's not for everyone) but the crowd was energetic, the food was FANTASTIC, and there was great people watching.

All in all, it was a great trip! There are so many recommendations we did not have an opportunity to explore, so I am already planning a second and third trip back! For those who are planning to visit the island, we found this GQ article  and this Elle article very helpful. On our next visits, we hope to visit:

  • Blue Marlin Beach Club
  • Experimental Beach
  • El Chirunguito
  • Cotton beach Club
  • Privilege Club
  • Heart Ibiza
  • Ushuaia 
  • And quite a few restaurants: Sa Caleta, Paloma, Balafia, Sa Capella, and Yotto, to name a few. 

We also MUST make it over to Formentera our next visit. This is non negotiable! There's so much to do on this island, and we had so little time. I would recommend researching the areas where things are before committing to them, as it's a small island but you can easily end up in a taxi for 30 or 40 minutes. 

As far as hotel, we explored the option of renting a villa but ultimately decided to stay in a hotel in Platja D'en Bossa because it was close to a lot of things. We also felt that if we rented a villa, we would need to also rent a car to get around, which would've been difficult to arrange for 6 people, and also probably unsafe because we were drinking pretty much the entire time we were there. The hotel that we stayed at - Hotel Playasol Mare Nostrum - left much to be desired and I wouldn't recommend it unless you miss the college dorm life because that's exactly what it felt like. It was affordable given the inflated prices for the holiday weekend, but I would not stay there again unless it was an absolute last resort. It was clean-ish but just super basic. 

All in all, I loved Ibiza. I REALLY love Spain and I look forward to going back to Ibiza and other islands. I could definitely see Spain becoming our go-to European vacation spot as we love the food, the weather is pleasant, the people are amazing, and it's great to brush up on our Spanish! Also, we've always been treated well in Spain and haven't experienced any (severe) racism. Micro-aggressions happen everywhere but nothing terrible has happened to us in Spain - this is important. 

Our next trip is to Paris! If you have recommendations on things to do/eat/see, please do let us know in the comments!

Until next time!