So, while I was researching things to do in Verbier, I came across dogsledding. I was intrigued.

We discussed it back and forth, and decided that we could splurge a little. Unfortunately, by the time we decided we wanted to do it, it was all booked up. Due to the rising temperatures, the pups can only do two runs per day, at 9am and 10am before it gets too hot. We asked the owners to let us know if they have any cancellations, and lo and behold, they did! 

We jumped on it, and it was worth. every. penny. I'm so happy that we were able to work it out, because it was truly a once in a lifetime, completely unforgettable experience.

The day after Marquette's birthday, we got up bright and early and took the gondola up the mountain to Les Ruinettes for the adventure. We didn't really know where to go once we got off of the gondola, but we wandered around until we found it. It wasn't too bad.

We got to meet the pups and watch the mushers corral them into their spots. Can you imagine? They were well-behaved dogs but still managed to get tangled up. Once they were all settled in and we got going, it was so much fun! We didn't go too fast, but it was fast enough (and close enough to the edge of the mountain) that it was a bit of an adrenaline rush. The mushers led the dogs completely by voice, and didn't have brakes or anything like that. We put our lives in their little paws. Once we got to a rest area, the pups got to relax, and we got to learn their names and give them some good belly rubs. The dogs were really sweet and I could tell they loved their owners. They were all rescues (incredible!) so some were shyer than others, but we enjoyed interacting with the ones that love humans. Eventually, it was time to head back, so we did.

Overall it was a great experience, and one I'd highly recommend to my friends! If you're ever in Verbier, check out Ewya's Trails online.