Ski season is in full swing (arguably wrapping up!), and in honor of the start of the winter Olympics, I thought I'd share some of my favorite snow finds. 

Last year, we went skiing in the Swiss Alps, in a charming little town called Verbier. I hadn't skied in a while and it was Q's first time skiing, so we had a ton of fun - it was very low key. I didn't have any of my old ski clothes, so it was a fun challenge to find affordable, stylish ski outfits. 


I was absolutely obsessing over these beautiful Cordova ski suits, but I just couldn't quite justify that purchase considering we don't ski a whole lot. Maybe if we continue to ski more than once on an annual basis, I will consider investing in one of these swoon-worthy one pieces. But for now, it's a no. Luckily, I found the perfect Topshop Sno ski suit. Skiing is an expensive sport, so many of the nicer outfits are higher-end, and I was beyond ecstatic to find something as nice as this suit at this price point. And at Net-A-Porter, of all places! Net-A-Porter is one of my favorite high-end online boutiques (I don't shop there a ton if we're being honest) because they have fantastic customer service and amazing packaging. 

My base layers were from Sweaty Betty and I was lucky enough to find them at a hugely discounted price. Topshop Sno also has some really nice base layers, and honestly, any sweat-wicking athletic clothing will do for your base layers. Amazon has many great options as well. 


Next, the snow boots. Of course you don't wear these while skiing, but they are good to have when you're going to the snow. Having lived in Boston, I already owned a nice pair of snow boots, so I didn't have to do much there. I love Moon Boots and their vintage look, but they aren't necessarily practical for every day wear. I am seriously considering getting a second pair of snow/weatherproof boots that are Uggs. Marquette got Uggs for our Switzerland trip and he couldn't stop ranting and raving about how comfy they were. His snow boots have the same heavenly shearling lining as the traditional Uggs boots, and who can argue with that? Here are a few of my favorite snow boot options. 

Finally, headwear. One of my closest friends happens to be from Chicago, and before I met her I had no idea how to actually stay warm in cold weather. Turns out, the key is to keep your head warm! Who knew? I wore a basic beanie from H&M while skiing and got so hot I ended up taking it off. While we were being less active in Verbier, I usually wore a beanie or earmuffs.

Now is a great time to buy for next season, as many items are on sale. Stay warm, my friends!