Ten years ago, in August of 2007, four girls from four different parts of the country all ended up on the same freshman hallway at Spelman College on the third floor of the Stewart Living and Learning Center, 1.

Well, technically three of us did and one of us, Mechelle, just crashed on our hall a lot because our dorm was the only freshman dorm with air conditioning (#HBCUlife) and we were the coolest, obvs. Since then, we've grown apart physically, but our bond has remained strong. We decided to celebrate this sisterhood with something we all love - a trip! We started planning a "10 Years of Friendship" trip about a year ago, and after much deliberation and discussion, we decided to go somewhere easy - Cancun - and over a holiday weekend - Memorial Day Weekend.

We stayed at the Marriott Casamagna Hotel, which is in Cancun's hotel zone. This hotel is connected to the slightly fancier JW Marriott Cancun, and guests have access to both hotels and the beachfront property in front of them. The hotel pricing was quite affordable (more so than the JW Marriott) and although I prefer a boutique hotel, it definitely got the job done. One of my favorite aspects of the hotel was the delicious breakfast buffet, at which I indulged in chilaquiles and tamales, with a side of fresh green juice, on the daily. The complimentary mimosa (singular) didn't hurt either.  An added benefit of the hotel was the complimentary airport shuttle, which simplified our travel plans and was perfect for our varying arrival times. We also loved the Taco Hut across the street from the hotel, and were grateful for the gas station/7-11 that carried food, drinks (included alcohol!) and much-needed water. 

The trip mainly consisted of a lot of relaxing, and just enjoying each other's company. On Sunday, our last full day there, we took a trip over to Isla Mujeres and explored the island via golf cart. The nightlife in Cancun left much to be desired but then again, what do you expect from such a touristy location during a major holiday weekend? I will say out of the three cities in Mexico I've visited in the past year, Cancun has been my least favorite. The water is rough, it's not walkable, and it's uber touristy. I would've preferred Tulum, but that would've been more logistically challenging with us arriving at different times of the day. I'm happy that I visited at least once, because now I know what it's like. In the future I hope to visit Mexico City, Oaxaca, Ensenada, and Guadalajara, among other places in Mexico! All in all, it was still a great trip, mainly because I got to spend time on the beach, eat delicious Mexican food, and most importantly, hang out with my fraaaands.