Spring is finally here! We visited this dog friendly winery last year and had a great time, when Peachy was much smaller, so I thought I'd write about it since the weather is nice and I'm sure this winery would be lovely at this time of year.

It's called Three Sisters Winery, and is located in Dahlonega, Georgia. Dahlonega (duh-LON-eh-guh) is about 1.5 hours north of Atlanta. The name might sound familiar to you because of recent news stories. We had an interesting experience visiting that same town square mentioned in the news. When we finally arrived, we quickly became aware that we were the only black people in the square on a bustling summer day (probably 300+ people walking around outside). It was so white, in fact, that an older [white] gentleman came up to us and jokingly said "I've never seen so many damn white people in my life!" which was hilarious and very much appreciated. Certain areas of Georgia outside of Atlanta have lots of confederate flag-waving klan wannabes (and members too I'm sure) so the fact that someone went out of their way to make us laugh in a situation where we didn't necessarily feel unsafe but slightly uncomfortable, was nice. It was cool. Also, everyone loves dogs, so Peach, just a tiny pup at the time, was a great icebreaker.

After we had lunch at a dog friendly restaurant in the square, we headed over to Three Sisters. Peach was welcome inside the winery, and they even had treats! She was loving all the attention from the other patrons and was pretty calm while we did our tasting. After we tasted, we got a few bottles and sat outside and enjoyed a glass or two. We sat for quite sometime enjoying the warm summertime weather, and let Peach stretch her legs a bit. The winery staff mentioned that dogs have been known to swim in the little lake they have, so we were careful to make sure that Peach didn't have any temptation (since she was so little and we hadn't explored swimming yet with her). 

After a relaxing afternoon, we headed back to Atlanta. It was a nice little day trip and I look forward to visiting again this year!