On our way to Ibiza, we did another long layover in London.

It was everyone's first time in London, besides Marquette and me, as we had a long layover in London last year. Since we only had a few hours, we planned the layover itinerary in advance, to make sure we made the most of it.

After we arrived and freshened up, we took the train to Victoria Station. Unlike last time, we did NOT take the expensive Heathrow express, and instead took the regular train (London Underground), which didn't feel like it took much longer.


We chose to go to Victoria Station because it has a left luggage (place where you can store your luggage), and it has the Gatwick Express, which was perfect because we were flying out of Gatwick airport to Ibiza. 


From Victoria Station, we walked to Greene King, which was pretty much a straight shot. At Greene King, a typical English pub, we had lunch, and enjoyed some libations. They have many locations and an extensive menu, so we selected that place because there'd be something for everyone on the menu. 

After lunch, we walked to Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Big Ben, and the Westminster Bridge. We hung out down there for a little while, taking pictures and just seeing the sights.

We headed back towards Victoria Station with plans to stop by Peggy Porschen cakes for a little dessert, but we realized that we were very close to the time limit for our luggage (I believe it was three hours) and after that we would be charged more, so we decided to go back to the station instead and grab our luggage to save a few bucks. 

We barely made our train to Gatwick (we had to run with our suitcases and everything!), and waited at the airport there a while before heading off to Ibiza. Overall, it was a nice little layover (the weather was absolutely stunning!) and a nice way to add a little variety to our trip. If you ever have the opportunity to do a long layover in London or elsewhere, I highly recommend!