For our final morning in Paris, we decided to skip the (delicious) hotel breakfast and head over to Angelina Paris for their famed hot cocoa and pastries.

We both ordered the full breakfast with omelettes. I will say, the omelettes left much to be desired. The hot chocolate, on the other hand, was out of this world! We enjoyed the pastries and the fruit salad, as well. 



After our breakfast, we walked across the street to the Jardin Tuileries and explored. It was nice and empty in the morning, and we thoroughly enjoyed the quiet. We walked around a little bit and took in the sights, then trekked back across the street towards Place Vendôme to pick up a few things before we made our way back to the States. 


Overall, it was a great introduction to the city. I was surprised how beautiful it was - I feel like many cities look amazing in pictures and then when you get there, it's like any other city - chaotic and dirty. And stressful. Paris wasn't like that.

It was clean. Nearly every building we saw oozed of historic Parisian charm. I'm sure, like every other city, Paris has its less beautiful parts, but we didn't experience any of those. I used to think that Paris obsessions were so cliché, but I understand why people are obsessed with it now. We did find the metro system (the stations, mainly, and which platform to go to) very confusing, and the smoking was very bad, but those are probably the only two negative things I have to say about the city. I think we were also very intentional about not overexerting ourselves as we tend to do on vacation. Every night was spent talking to the wee hours of the morning either on a rooftop, in a restaurant, or in front of a Parisian cafe. 

There's so much to do - there were SO many things on my list, I knew we wouldn't get to do all of them. To recap the entire trip, here are some of the major activities we did:

  • Versailles
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Louvre
  • Arc de Triompe
  • Champs Élysées 
  • Angelina Paris
  • Jardin Tuileries 

Things that we did not get to do that were on my list (and you might want to try to do when you visit) in no particular order are: 

  • Palais Garnier
  • Catacombs
  • Grande Mosquée de Paris
  • Notre Dame
  • Ponte Alexandre III
  • Musée d l'Orangarie
  • Place de la Concorde
  • Explore Montmarte neighborhood 
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Galeries Lafayette Haussman
  • See a ballet or opera

I'm holding this list close, because we will DEFINITELY be back to Paris, sooner rather than later. Have you guys visited Paris? What else should I add to my list for our next visit?