On our third day in Paris, we conquered the Louvre.

We walked from our hotel to the Arc de Triomphe, took some pictures there and also spent a great deal of time being amused by watching other people take pictures there, and then had lunch at a cafe on the Champs-Élysées.

After that, we took the train to the Louvre. Though I was skeptical of seeing Mona Lisa (so cliché!), Marquette strongly encouraged me to go see it, so we went that way and fought the crowd to get all the way to the front. Marquette got a good picture with her because he's taller (and I'm a great photographer, duh) and I got an okay one with an aggressive man in the foreground who was very serious about his Mona Lisa photo and wouldn't move out the way. 

We spent a lot of time in the museum visiting the other exhibits, my favorite of which was the famed Galerie d'Apollon - French extravagance at its finest. The museum was as beautiful as the art it held; one could easily spend a day or two there, especially if you are into art history. Other memorable collections we enjoyed were the Egyptian and Greek collections. It started to rain as we were leaving the museum, so we decided to have a light dinner at the cafe that overlooks the museum's pyramids. 

After the rain eased up (truthfully, it never rained hard, but you know how it goes with the hair!), we explored to Palais-Royal, which is basically right next door to the Louvre. Unfortunately, it was a bit late by that point, so it was closed. We were still able to walk around the outside part and see some of the structure, but we did not get to go inside. 


We weren't too hungry at that point, but still wanted to be out and about, so we went home and changed and then headed over to the Peninsula to enjoy a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower on the rooftop. We arrived at the perfect time (10:00ish, maybe?) and beat the rush. Many people arrived after us and there was a long wait for the few coveted outdoor patio seats. We waited for about half an hour before being escorted to our outdoor table. We enjoyed foie gras with toast, and champagne, and around 11:00, the Eiffel Tower light show began. It doesn't look like much when you see it on video, but when you see it in person, WOW! It was beautiful and worth the wait. Eventually we called it a night and ubered back to our hotel. 

Tomorrow, I share day four plus our final thoughts on Paris!