My BFF Mechelle has been talking about strawberry picking since probably DECEMBER, and we finally found a date that worked for both of us, earlier this month. Georgia, being the agricultural state that it is, has lots of little farms where you can pick your own fruit, flowers, and even cut down your own Christmas tree!

Mechelle found a farm for us to go to about 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta, called Southern Belle Farm. Early one Saturday morning we headed down to McDonough (pronounced mic-dunugh) Georgia, and set out to pick some strawberries and peaches.

Even though we arrived before 10:00am, the heat was BLAZING. If you ever want to do this, I recommend going early in the morning (this particular farm opens at 8), or earlier in the season, when it's not as hot. Southern Belle provides you with a bucket for $1 that you can keep and bring back whenever you want. They charge $12 for a gallon of strawberries and you can fill the bucket as high as you can - they go by the bucket not by the weight. They also offer blackberry picking!

We picked strawberries and peaches, which was a little more labor intensive than I had been mentally prepared for. Back when we first started dating, Marquette and I did apple picking in Massachusetts and it was really easy! Strawberry picking is a little harder because you have to bend down and search for the berries. We ended up with a great haul nonetheless.


So far we've made strawberry jam, and strawberry sangria. Once the peaches are fully ripened I plan on making peach jam and peach salsa!

This is a fun activity and a good way for you to get out and get a little bit of exercise and get some healthy produce. It's perfect for families with small children, but anyone can go! I would definitely recommend visiting Southern Belle Farms to get out of the city and enjoy Georgia.